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Weekly Cash Prize winners

A prize from The Ablow Center is awarded to the student who writes 500 words judged to have the greatest potential to make others think more positively about themselves or the world around them.

Dr. Keith Ablow has published 15 novels, true crime and self-help books with major publishers, collectively selling millions of copies.  Two of his books were New York Times bestsellers.  To encourage other writers, Dr. Ablow’s new website will host a weekly writing contest.  Contestants must submit a maximum of 500 words that show insight into, or engagement with, the world around them.  A cash prize of $50.00 is awarded to the winner, along with a virtual certificate of recognition. The writer has to post something inspirational or positive about any one of the following topics:

Police, veterans, religion or spirituality, reflections on a newspaper article from the Boston Globe or Boston Herald (please include a link to the article), the benefits of counseling and life coaching, gun rights, the judicial system (courts, judges and the jury system) or personal autonomy.

The first 25 entries each week will be reviewed, with $50.00 awarded to the winner, along with a virtual certificate which the winner is free to post to social media.  Each winner will be recognized on Keith Ablow’s website and eligible for an annual grand prize of $1,000.00.

Additional Contest Rules

  1.  A winner will be picked every week on Friday and win a cash prize of $50.00.
  2.  Contestants must submit a maximum of 500 words that show insight into, or engagement with, the world around them.
  3. The week consists of 5 days as per the countdown and can be reset for any reason per the discretion of management. Contestants will be notified  if a change is made.
  4. Winners will be notified each week by email and paid via PayPal or by check mailed to them. 
  5.  The weekend   between each weekly contest is for selecting the winner and presenting the award.
  6.  You may still submit your entry during that time and anytime, the countdown reads 7 days for this reason.
  7.  Each week on Sunday the count down will reset.
  8.  All contest entries maybe publish on the contest and network sites.
  9.  All winning entries will be publish as the winner and the winners will receive a link to the award to brag about to whomever they wish. 
  10. All winning entries will become eligible for the grand prize at the end of the year November, 23rd, 2020 and win $1000.00 grand prize.
  11. Contestants may reenter every week but can only win one week out of the month. 
  12.  The first 25 entries will be considered  each week and if your entry is 26 it will be considered in the next week.
  13.  If a week passes and there are not 25 entries the contest will extend an additional week to all for the 1 in 25 odds of winning. 
  14. For further questions contact [email protected]