Earnestly, I apologise to my audience. East, West, North to South.I understand how much you await findings of an errand mission. The society is real sick from the plight of incompetence.vanity is the song that carries aday.The plight is real.The horror of the monster is roaming to the oppression of the poor, weak, aged ,widows, unemployed,homeless and all that are left out to mention.How wreckless ? Look at our systems of governance the inferior leaders using top most leadership as their scapegoats for their own incompetence and in so doing they bring down arms of is political leadership and likely organs of adminstration and management. Where is our pride ? Corruption, Tribal lines, nepotism, racism in along list of other is anecessity and all alike should stay put on caution and vigilance to source liberation.


Unbelievably, it is regretable that as stands one may be charged for no has come to realisation that the law seek relative justice.. Have you ever thaught of it ? it is never perfect.the accussed though caught with exhibits are allowed to plead defence for mitigation in line with their crime..others go extend to corrupt the whole systems in place. It is adesbelief factor but that is right with the way of commoners.The choruses of my lord and himself sitting respectedly in the company of Jury’s Woh ! adays hustle revolves around misplace of extracts of exhibits relevant to matters of court proceedings. What amislead by necessity to seek help by your ruling. So you also just like them ! acommoner by bribery. Inever thaught it is this serious. The Law is bended. What apromissory estoppel for them that come running to seek justice ! We all stand firm to condemn this ill prospecting for aliberated future. Our enemy is the irony standing in the corridors of Justice.


Mummy ! Daddy ! where are you in this wide wide world ? In the wildernes icry empty and lonely. Come come and hug me my dear. Ilove you, love me too sweetheart.You are me and am you my love. Ihave loved you without changing. What else can i say darling ? No matter what happened in the beginning we are one in flesh and blood. In life, in death forever we shall be. You in me and i in you so be it. Mum you are my strength and hope.Come come to me blood of my blood. My rejuvination you are. Yes you are. In my bossom find rest and comfort. In your bossom darling am reborn. Iwas dead but now am alive again. Never shall i be the same again. In you ihave undergone atransformation.

My wrapper

Through my wrapper you shall see
All the parts that make up me.
All my hopes and all my fears
All my sadness throughout the years.
All my dreams that didn’t come true
All the things I thought I knew.
Sometimes deceived and sometimes obsessed
More than often I am depressed
All my worries and all my cares
All my the times my life was not fair
All my anger and all my pain
You would see just why it is Im insane.
All the darkness in my head
Just how many times I wished I were dead
All the secrets that make up me
Would you still love me if you could see?

My scar

Not alive
Just not quite dead
Not insane
Just out of my head
Not suicidal
Just need the pain
Not lost
Just love the rain
Not an alcoholic
Just love the taste
Not depressed
Life’s just a waste
Not violent
Just love to fight
Not morbid
Iust love the night
Not bored
Just love to write
Not rebellious
Just argue to spite
Not leaving
Just going away
Not revengeful
You just got to pay
Not tired
Just need the sleep
Not crying
The tears just seep
Not a lot of things
But ironically are
All of these things that
Create my scar.


I close my eyes and I see darkness
I dream of what’s to come
And as I wake from an unexplainable dream
I reassure myself it’s not real
And as I calm myself from this wicked dream
I see the unexplainable future
A sight that elders fear
An youthful pray too
For only the dying fear life
As the youthful disregards the meaning of life As children everything is beautiful
Until the moment when something beautiful turns into something evil
Life has no meaning to some and means nothing to people that challenge the natural order of things
Am I righteous or am I the beginning of the end
I do not know
Do I help save millions or do I condemn them
My answer is patience
I must wait
I must be kind
I must have faith
For nobody knows the day when it will matter
So for now I close my eyes and dream of something beautiful in a hateful world…

Maryam Sanda: Our Court Are Creating Set Of Orphans

Maryam Sanda: Our Court Are Creating Another Set of Orphans

By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi

The issue of Maryam has gotten more enough than judging whether she’s guilty of what she did. It is better we start this way, “how was the journey between Maryam Sanda and Bilyamin Bello started.” Also, with the fact that the couples are from privileged background, one would be triggered to ask whether Maryam Internationally promised his husband the journey of no return. Don’t forget, there is no limit to provocation.

Like others, their family was once in peal of laughter. They were eating, smiling with love until life showed them its other dimension. They were blessed with a child, some say it two children, unfortunately though, who will claim them since the child (children) automatically becomes orphan.

Perhaps, people wouldn’t have known how the water encroached the shell. How would they know when what they could do when Abuja High Court sentenced Maryam was just blasting their mouths.

Evidently, It’s right and acceptable when she was charged with the offence of “causing brutal and murderous anguish”. Maryam was accused of stabbing her husband to death with a broken bottle. It’s not new in Nigeria and the world over, how the lives of young people have been affected through domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an uncommon vice in this common world. Many people need to be domesticted, either to adapt and endure with other human being alike. The problem is that the consequence of domestic violence as in the case of Maryam Sanda is more detrimental to the child. No matter who promises to be like a mother, it will be subject to child abuse. How would it sound to him that his father was killed by her mother and the court received justice his favour by sending the mother to death by hanging. This is terrifying.

As a result of this abuse, the child may experience physical disabilities, aggression, mental illness or a poor ability to create smooth and Interacting relationship. Which means domestic violence may continue penetrating the generation.

We shouldn’t be Inhuman to protect the safety of younger ones, whose their great senerio Is unknown by all. It’s totally unfortunate. Even though the judge followed the rule of law, the negative effect is that, someday, it will come back to hunt us — orphan children we created.


Soldiers are the persons who stand at the border for us to save our life. Basically, soldiers comes in the category of police. There are three types of police force- Navy, Army, Air. there are some other forces also like as follow-Traffic police, IAS,IPS,IS etc. The main aim of these all forces is to progress in our country and protection. They all sacrifices their own life for us .they hardly ever get a chance to meet their families, relationships etc. Police need to work in all pathetic condition. We should give respect to them and avoid discrimination . They fight wars to rescue the country from their enemies but unfortunately some contribute themselves in the war and their family is honor respectfully. It’s a message for the students and all respected one that ” Life is full of suspense , to break out the suspense we should work like a police who never stops working till the end. So why we should? let’s prove everyone “POLICE – THE RESCUE MAN “and also try to give a big thanks from our hearts. We the people of Indian try to wake up all the citizens to give respect to police.

God Is Everything

God is everything and everywhere-
The moments of glory to peace!
God heals,motivates,truly change lives…
That’s what God has done for me .

Your past don’t have to be blind sided-
Hidden or Buried deep within;
Look into the reflections, yet find the path.
It’s waiting to be discovered by you.

God is the redeemer and forgiver…
There are many chances being released;
You can have a clear outlook on time…
God is an forgiven God-

A definer of great things…
All praises to the most high-
God is the conquer of everything.
The best decision you can ever make;

Your life can be complete-
Truly things can turn around…
A life saved and sins diminished….
That’s what God all about!