Loved “Heres my new poem…All she wanted was the best…she decided in her mind, heart and soul to past the tests..mentally drained from all the pain, internally hurt from all the rain, faking a smile to hide the shame, feeling like the blame because of the pain. Deciding to strive from ambition inside, from the love she has for kids, to abide to ride until she die. No one will understand the true meaning, of trying to fight to hide the demeanor of creating the life to live, and unfolding the wrath and humbling the soul is jus like pulling the shaft to accomplish the goal to not fall in the hole that comes along to burry the soul.”

Counselling for A Happy Future

Without counselling and life coaching, nobody would be able to find a solution to anything that they are having problems with. Many people use counselling as a way to solve their life situations. Whether it is getting advice for marriage or dealing with stress, counseling and life coaching have always managed to help us be in a positive state of mind. Just imagine a world without life coaching and without counseling. There would be more violence in this world because nobody would not be able to solve their problems peacefully. Nobody would not be able to get guidance and nobody would be able to get help if they are dealing with depression or anxiety. Many people turn to counseling because it is a way of relieving their inner thoughts and feelings. They get to sit with somebody who is willing to talk and listen to them because in their personal lives, they find it difficult to deal with these issues on their own. An example of that would be myself because I have certain issues or problems in my life that I would need to talk to somebody about. There are times I deal with a lot of stress, and I do need somebody to talk to about what’s going on so that they can help me overcome these obstacles that I am dealing with. If I was not able to talk to anybody about what was bothering me then that’s when it would make me feel really depressed. Many young people like myself as well as people a little bit younger than me have depression, and sometimes they do have mental disorders. A lot of mental disorders are caused by bullying and that’s why counselors are needed to help deal with this and talk about these situations with many students. According to the article written by the Khaleej Times, “16% of adolescents suffer from mental health disorders” (Gokulan 19). A lot of younger people who are in their adolescence deal with bullying and it causes them to feel isolated. Since counselling exists, it helps the students who are going through this situation so that they will not do anything drastic such as bring a weapon to school or commit suicide. That is why there are services out there such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline for young people or anybody who is going through that situation. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is another reason why we need counseling and life coaching services. Also, a lot of adults who have jobs and a heavy workload feel stressed out by either employers or coworkers. Many young couples who are newlyweds or who are about to get married face many relationship problems such as domestic violence. Some couples use counseling and life coaching to help mend their relationships and get along. So, these are the reasons why counseling and life coaching are very important because nobody can heal without talking to someone about it first.