Look at me I stand alone feeling the breeze and sand on my feet. The beach, the songs, and the people all around me but I was alone. Not sad or lonely just alone. Growing into whoever I want to be alone. Seeing everything I want to see alone. Being everything I have always wanted to be alone. I have done everything alone. You have done everything alone. And we will never need anyone or anything to be the best thing we can be. Because we were made alone and unique, we will grow alone and unique, and we will die together and unique. See, the fame of people like Beyoncé or Justin Bieber when the world is at the ground dying none of them will be remembered just like you and I will not be remembered if humanity lives no one would remember anything or anyone not you, not me, not them. They will be alone. We will were made to be alone.


Our people are at war
Inequality is at the core
color is mixing with white
many feel its not right
a black man was shot down
but all the white man got was a frown
black people yell about racism in the streets
while the whites are at home cozy in their sheets
there used to be slaves
now though people just like to play games
they tell you your safe
then shoot you down because of your race
our justice system is a mess
being black your thought to be less
our country is in a fight
battlegrounds are everywhere in sight
racism won’t just end overnight

Peace Among our leaders

We deserve peace just as well as the police do they earned their stripes to fight for are future just as well as a innocent by standard true as we all stand no one should fall let along a wonderful police men who stands amongst us all we all have rights so why misuse them when justice rings bells I respect that man or women that wear those suits as we analyze what’s uncovered and new I believe a police loves just like we do hold no grudges we all have rights they not being mean they actually fighting for our lives it seems so unfair how they get misused not only to have to come out and find reckless behavior above bad news I scream real loud I love the red and blue without their safety we all don’t stand a chance setting ourselves up for failure just to turn around and fear bad news

Winter time

There is snow every side, not very colorful but the greenery of nature turns black and white.

Hides the River and exposes the mountains
It’s full tranquility and too much cold, but the beauty of nature makes it bold.
Because i am a mountain girl ..
So i am very lucky this is my space,
Now i don’t need to explore snowy place.

Hey snowy days these are some of my lines, where i can express how you shine..

This is the season that everyone loves,
And these snowy days called winter time.

Respect Your Authorities!

When I was around 5 years old, I vaguely remember a time when I was at a gas station with my mom. As we were walking back to the car, we spotted a police officer. He looked down at me and smiled, looked at my mom and smiled and said something to her, then looked down at me, again, and said something to me. I honestly do not remember what he said. He, then, opened his trunk and reached his hand in, pulled out a police officer teddy bear and handed him to me. I will never forget that day and how outstandingly nice this policeman was to me.

I feel that police are attacked way too often. There may be some bad cops out there, but there’s bad everywhere. A cop had actually saved my life whenever I was found passed out on the street and almost declared deceased. If it weren’t for that police officer, I would be dead. If it weren’t for the EMS, I would be dead.

In conclusion, I think that respecting our police is a necessity in this country. It should be a given. It should be against the law to disrespect the law.

Police lives matter. Because, if it weren’t for them, criminals would be running the streets, streets would be burned down from riots and cooking drugs… basically, all of our lives would be in danger. So, think twice and be nice!

“Part of the job”

Nowadays, policemen are always criticized by the public. Recently, the “George Floyd” incident really catched the attention of the International media because of the left and right protests about racism and equality. Personally, I didn’t dig up much about the story of George Floyd nor how he ended up strangled on the neck with that Police man who allegedly killed him. But I feel bad for that Police guy, because I know and I could feel on the short video that he just did what he needs to do because he doesn’t know what’s the suspect (George Floyd) capable of. I mean, this guy could’ve killed the Police if the Police didn’t do what he has done that day. If the Police man died that day instead of George Floyd will there be a same extravagant protest? Will there be Celebrities, Athletes, Politicians, and other influential people who will raise their voices? My bet is no. No one will. It will be just another normal day from the station with a police guy got killed by a criminal. You can ask guys inside that station, and they will be sad I guess but I’m sure one or two of them will be saying that “It’s just part of the job”


Wearing the uniform of an American soldier
he hoists his gun up on his right shoulder

His demons are screaming inside of his head
his breathing is shallow
they might possibly win

His mind is dark
and filled with pain
his vision is blurry
his heart rate too slow
the Iranian mother begs to be let go

He was terrified of the dark
so the darkness he became
was scared of his own demons
so he learned them all by name

His eyes brim with madness
he’s filled with such sadness
all he can think of is violence
he’s screaming in the silence

There are scars on his body
and scars on his soul
this terrible war
has finally taken its toll.