Before You Submit Your Entry

Are your thoughts presented in a logical sequence?

Are your ideas presented concisely? Do they flow nicely from one to the next?

Do subjects and verbs agree?

Words such as there, they’re, and their are commonly misused.  Did you use the correct forms?

To avoid repetition, avoid starting two sentences in the same paragraph with the same word.

When moving from one concept to the next, did you use transition words?

Did you check for spelling?

Use spell check but remember when to accept suggested changes and when to ignore them. The computer is not always correct.  

Are there areas of redundancy? If so, consider editing.

Is your vocabulary varied or do you have too many repeating words that should be changed? A thesaurus can be helpful.

Did you check for run-on sentences and shorten them?

Did you check that your tense is consistent throughout?

Take a break and walk away for a bit. When you return, read the entire piece again one more time. Does it flow? Does it reflect what you hoped it would?

Make your final changes and then submit.