Austin was facing divorce but was not giving up hope.Walking up streets Thinking what he was going to do.He sold houses for a living .He was walking to Maryland’s house (his religious sister) and he was gonna sell it.When He walked in his sisters house she showed him her favorite room or should I say dresser.At first he was quite confused then he seen all the prayers on the wall of the wardrobe and he knew how he was going to save himself from divorce.At home he cleared out his closet and every day he prayed and studied the Bible .After a month prayers were flooding the walls.His wife Joann was suspicious of his kindness and adventured into his closet in the middle of his prayer and soon after she heard him and read the right side she started to bawl.She apologized and Austin accepted it. There divorce was saved and they had two beautiful girls and one handsome boy.The names were Susan,Mabel,And Josh.That is The story of the war-drobe

Fighting Together…Living Alone!

Going out to battle,
Images of death I see.
Oh, when will this fighting end-
To go home and actually be free!
This thought is on my mind
With each moment that passes by
Am I fighting together, but living alone?

Each day I rise to anticipate my date
Will I go home or must I wait?
No more waiting!-
My fighting is done
I say to myself.
When truly it’s just begun.
So support each soldier
Remember they gave
So you could have
The comforts you crave!
They fight together, but live alone!!!

Life is sweet, just like you.

“Okay, so what’s your favorite movie, or book?” Rita asked while pouring me a cup of latte.
“Harry Potter, anytime.” I grinned. I loved the Harry Potter series because it’s fiction, where I could escape to, whenever reality was hard.
“Hmmm, well I’m not exactly a potterhead, but I love one quote by Dumbledore: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” The way she said the quote instantly warmed my heart.
“Similarly, Rhea, after you fight with your parents, don’t turn the lights off in your bedroom and push your parents away. From now on, turn the lights on, look at yourself in the mirror, and I’m certain you’ll realize that life is sweet, just like you.” She smiled beautifully and, suddenly, I felt like crying. Crying out of guilt.
I was many of Rita’s clients, and maybe she’s forgotten me by now. But to me, she was the first and last counseller who showed me how sunny life can be, just by smiling and sharing her wisdom with me.


The struggles of the trials and tribulations among our daily lives;is based on overcoming the struggles within itself.Believing in God;our Father;Himself;among all.Building the relationship between our faith and our love within our strengths upon our Minds,Hearts,Body, and our Souls(Spirit within us)..
Living daily among his word and choosing to follow his path;chosen for us.Our paths and lives is already written out for us.Its just our choice to follow our Destiny’s.Its not a easy road to follow;we going to make mistakes along the way.We have the choice to continue to make the same choices and continueing making mistakes worse.
We have the choice to also follow our instints within us and choose to mae the decision to live for ourselves;through God.To allow and accept the things;we would never allow and accept before.We can do things and become greater in life;as long as we have faith and become greater through God..
We all have a connection through him and a bond;among no other.Within his spirit that lives through us.His love and his determination to help us and protect us;No matter what.We all can overcome the struggles and provide the help for others as well..The chosen ones of God and his Fallen ANGELS of all..

The person behind the badge

There is just no trust in the ones that carry the badge. All we here are bad things, how they have shot and killed someone so young. We know it´s all over the news. Some getting fired while others are sitting waiting on their trial dates. We think of them as not even human being and on power trips, but is that the whole story of the man behind the badge, of course not.
Well as the future is coming upon us, we hope not to see as much. That person puts that badge on today we are seeing a difference. They are getting more involved in their community, they are stepping out to have that time face to face with the young showing them they to are humans. By talking to the younger ones so when they grow up there form a trust a bond with them thinking when that child gets older maybe he wont go down the wrong road. They are showing that they care and love and that the children can trust them and come to them instead of running or robbing. There should been changes a while ago, but we as the people are not the ones getting weapons pulled on us risking our life everyday just to make sure we are not robbed, hurt. We say they stereo type, but yet when they are home they wear the same clothing as everyone so how can they be stereo typing then? They are all over the internet trying to show the goodness by lip sanging in the car, to playing ball with a child for a few moments. Maybe in this future we should teach our kids a better way of life than running and pulling weapons on the ones that protect you at night. I think that they hurt as much as the other one when they have to pull that weapon when they give them plenty of chances to stop what they are doing. Children are the future of this world, and when that happens then they to will have to put on that badge. To keep their community safe and drug free. They put that uniform on and pray they get home that night to their kids and family. The police have spoken up by getting out into the community and doing things for the community. Their job is dangerous and only going to get worse as time moves on so lets remember that the badge has a meaning other than killing.

Optimism for veterans . . .

It inspires me when I think how brag-worthy veterans’ deeds are, yet they are modest and sincere in what they do. The veterans that I have had the pleasure of meeting have never once told me about the reason for why they earned their medals. The situations they found themselves in and the crazy ass shit they endured to get through the challenges of the front line of battle are astounding.
These stories have always come to me from buying them drinks, earning their trust, and much prodding. This to me is the measure of the man, how things that they have done that they don’t brag about or even talk about, really.
Using drinking as a catalyst I attempt to get them to talk about their stories. These are people that go into the harshest and most violent areas on earth with full knowledge of what they are facing for a goal that is to preserve, not themselves, but an entire nation.
Making very little profit these heroes go out and sacrifice their life, not for us, them, or any single person but simply because this is who they are. That is the feeling in their heart that is what drives them. To stand up at any time to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

There is a scene from the movie American Sniper that perfectly encapsulates this ideal. The older brother beats up a kid at school who was bullying his little brother. His father makes a speech at the dining room table. To paraphrase… “There are three types of people in this world:
1. there are sheep who are content to follow;
2. there are wolves, who feed on the weak;
3. there are shepherds, those who fight the wolf to protect the sheep.

In the scene, after the father describes these three people, he asks his son the question: which one are you?
I have not seen a more noble trait than the shepherd. To sacrifice one’s self for the protection of others is what veterans chose to do every day.
I listen to a morning radio station and at the very end of every broadcast the host always ends it with a very simple message/sign off… and this is what I will leave you with: “Remember folks if you see someone serving in the armed forces don’t forget to shake their hand and thank them for their service.”
Greg “The Godfather” Kretschmar