Respect Your Authorities!

When I was around 5 years old, I vaguely remember a time when I was at a gas station with my mom. As we were walking back to the car, we spotted a police officer. He looked down at me and smiled, looked at my mom and smiled and said something to her, then looked down at me, again, and said something to me. I honestly do not remember what he said. He, then, opened his trunk and reached his hand in, pulled out a police officer teddy bear and handed him to me. I will never forget that day and how outstandingly nice this policeman was to me.

I feel that police are attacked way too often. There may be some bad cops out there, but there’s bad everywhere. A cop had actually saved my life whenever I was found passed out on the street and almost declared deceased. If it weren’t for that police officer, I would be dead. If it weren’t for the EMS, I would be dead.

In conclusion, I think that respecting our police is a necessity in this country. It should be a given. It should be against the law to disrespect the law.

Police lives matter. Because, if it weren’t for them, criminals would be running the streets, streets would be burned down from riots and cooking drugs… basically, all of our lives would be in danger. So, think twice and be nice!

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