“Part of the job”

Nowadays, policemen are always criticized by the public. Recently, the “George Floyd” incident really catched the attention of the International media because of the left and right protests about racism and equality. Personally, I didn’t dig up much about the story of George Floyd nor how he ended up strangled on the neck with that Police man who allegedly killed him. But I feel bad for that Police guy, because I know and I could feel on the short video that he just did what he needs to do because he doesn’t know what’s the suspect (George Floyd) capable of. I mean, this guy could’ve killed the Police if the Police didn’t do what he has done that day. If the Police man died that day instead of George Floyd will there be a same extravagant protest? Will there be Celebrities, Athletes, Politicians, and other influential people who will raise their voices? My bet is no. No one will. It will be just another normal day from the station with a police guy got killed by a criminal. You can ask guys inside that station, and they will be sad I guess but I’m sure one or two of them will be saying that “It’s just part of the job”

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