Keith Ablow, Keith Ablow

9. Laws
The law is an ass
This is a fact and not a farce Its so
Mouth agape ready to devour the tepid
Man- made laws are filled with flaws
Often covered with gloss
Dig deeper and you will discover the
The lawmakers can make their Laws
And law breakers, will break in and
break the laws just to get by or break even
Some outlaws generally oppose the law while some are most definitely above the law
Two subjects both rocking the boat
Having a freewill plus a strong will
Too ill to be treated

The Law maltreats the ill- fated
And provides protection for the wittiest
Kicking at the heels of the law enforcement agents causing them twin pains : head and heart aches
Hot on their heels
Peel clean away like orange peel

They tried to place them in a straight jacket
Tried to shackle them
Break their manacles
Its strike back time
It’s payback time…
And not lay back time
Armed with a penknife or a pen
And whether by cooking the books, the sleight of hand or by menacingly brandishing a deadly weapon
These two foes bring nothing but woes placing the society in throes causing chaos
Both outlaws are lawless
Whether acting surreptitiously or otherwise their acts are injurious
Although they tried to be flawless
But the long arm of the law will still catch up with them.

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