RELIGION:Blind Faith or The Path to Success

Religion as defined by Wikipedia is :’ the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods’. Religion according to me , is something that gives us hope when all is lost. A hope that things would be better some day, by doing something as simple as praying or just putting all our faith in the god we believe in.

Some people do think that a Religion is nothing but a blind faith. I do not blame them for thinking that way. If you research, somewhere during the Renaissance, in the West, certificates of pardon were given to people on repenting for their misdeeds. It was said to them that these certificates would ensure that the sins which we were to commit in the future, would be forgiven by God. This ofcourse is very unreasonable if you ask me. Many more practices like these crept into the norms of the society, which I think have lead some people to question these practices and in turn the whole concept of existence of God and Religion. This could have lead them to conclude that Religion is nothing but blind faith.

But now, in this fast running or rather, not-so-a cup of tea world, having faith in things that you believe would make you future better, is a must if you want atleast a sound mind. Religion could be anything or anyone who you find easy to confide in. Anyone who believe would make things right for you, and in return only asking you to have complete faith in them.

When it comes to religion being a path to success, I refer to both in this world and in the hereafter(you may know if you believe in life after death). In this world you just have to belive in your God,or the person you very much rely on, for that matter, that he or she would lead you to the right path and help you through every hurdle. God( or the person you belive in) would comfort you when you are restless thinking of something bad that has happened to you ,give you strength to move on. If you ask about how it is a path to success in the hereafter, well that question is answered with ease. Religions, all of them, good deeds in the world would build a straight path to heaven.

Now, to answer the question asked in the start of the blog(title), Religion is faith , not blind faith. People consider God as blind faith because them or anyone else have not seen them or talked to them in person. People who think this way, let me tell you, you are quite intelligent for you keep the strength and ability to question. Some people think that way because they don’t want to be bound by rules and regulations of a particular community. But tell me, how would this world or let aside that, have you come into existence? There must be some super power who created the first human who had children to fill the face of the Earth. Someone, who must be controlling the entire universe, that makes the planets revolve around the sun in their own orbits without ever having collided with each other. Some super power must be there that causes the day and night to come one after the other in perfect order; in perfect harmony.

So stick on to the belief that things would be better one day, be sincere in your doings, be good to people around you, be caring and helpful, you will find where your peace, your faith, your Religion lies in.

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