Police Brutality

I am a poor Black American Woman
Living in the so call land of the free but
Where i am from that’s not the case i wake up wondering will this be my last day on earth am i going be another victim
You see when was a little i was taught that. An officer of the law was to protect and serve .
Not knowing for people of color like myself
It was all a damn lie .
You see this is the new order of racism
to wipe as many of our beautiful brother and sister’s as they can the system has failed us to many of us have lost our familes behind violence.
We are living in the future wild wild west
All the marching protesting for what its not helping more of us our dying for nothing and its not rights i feel like a slave just waiting to slip and make the wrong move before hearing the sounds of pop pop gunshots .
I pray everyday for myself my children grandkids and all whom had died by the hand of Police Brutality.

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