Unbelievably, it is regretable that as stands one may be charged for no has come to realisation that the law seek relative justice.. Have you ever thaught of it ? it is never perfect.the accussed though caught with exhibits are allowed to plead defence for mitigation in line with their crime..others go extend to corrupt the whole systems in place. It is adesbelief factor but that is right with the way of commoners.The choruses of my lord and himself sitting respectedly in the company of Jury’s Woh ! adays hustle revolves around misplace of extracts of exhibits relevant to matters of court proceedings. What amislead by necessity to seek help by your ruling. So you also just like them ! acommoner by bribery. Inever thaught it is this serious. The Law is bended. What apromissory estoppel for them that come running to seek justice ! We all stand firm to condemn this ill prospecting for aliberated future. Our enemy is the irony standing in the corridors of Justice.

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