Soldiers are the persons who stand at the border for us to save our life. Basically, soldiers comes in the category of police. There are three types of police force- Navy, Army, Air. there are some other forces also like as follow-Traffic police, IAS,IPS,IS etc. The main aim of these all forces is to progress in our country and protection. They all sacrifices their own life for us .they hardly ever get a chance to meet their families, relationships etc. Police need to work in all pathetic condition. We should give respect to them and avoid discrimination . They fight wars to rescue the country from their enemies but unfortunately some contribute themselves in the war and their family is honor respectfully. It’s a message for the students and all respected one that ” Life is full of suspense , to break out the suspense we should work like a police who never stops working till the end. So why we should? let’s prove everyone “POLICE – THE RESCUE MAN “and also try to give a big thanks from our hearts. We the people of Indian try to wake up all the citizens to give respect to police.

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