Maryam Sanda: Our Court Are Creating Set Of Orphans

Maryam Sanda: Our Court Are Creating Another Set of Orphans

By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi

The issue of Maryam has gotten more enough than judging whether she’s guilty of what she did. It is better we start this way, “how was the journey between Maryam Sanda and Bilyamin Bello started.” Also, with the fact that the couples are from privileged background, one would be triggered to ask whether Maryam Internationally promised his husband the journey of no return. Don’t forget, there is no limit to provocation.

Like others, their family was once in peal of laughter. They were eating, smiling with love until life showed them its other dimension. They were blessed with a child, some say it two children, unfortunately though, who will claim them since the child (children) automatically becomes orphan.

Perhaps, people wouldn’t have known how the water encroached the shell. How would they know when what they could do when Abuja High Court sentenced Maryam was just blasting their mouths.

Evidently, It’s right and acceptable when she was charged with the offence of “causing brutal and murderous anguish”. Maryam was accused of stabbing her husband to death with a broken bottle. It’s not new in Nigeria and the world over, how the lives of young people have been affected through domestic violence.

Domestic violence is an uncommon vice in this common world. Many people need to be domesticted, either to adapt and endure with other human being alike. The problem is that the consequence of domestic violence as in the case of Maryam Sanda is more detrimental to the child. No matter who promises to be like a mother, it will be subject to child abuse. How would it sound to him that his father was killed by her mother and the court received justice his favour by sending the mother to death by hanging. This is terrifying.

As a result of this abuse, the child may experience physical disabilities, aggression, mental illness or a poor ability to create smooth and Interacting relationship. Which means domestic violence may continue penetrating the generation.

We shouldn’t be Inhuman to protect the safety of younger ones, whose their great senerio Is unknown by all. It’s totally unfortunate. Even though the judge followed the rule of law, the negative effect is that, someday, it will come back to hunt us — orphan children we created.

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