I close my eyes and I see darkness
I dream of what’s to come
And as I wake from an unexplainable dream
I reassure myself it’s not real
And as I calm myself from this wicked dream
I see the unexplainable future
A sight that elders fear
An youthful pray too
For only the dying fear life
As the youthful disregards the meaning of life As children everything is beautiful
Until the moment when something beautiful turns into something evil
Life has no meaning to some and means nothing to people that challenge the natural order of things
Am I righteous or am I the beginning of the end
I do not know
Do I help save millions or do I condemn them
My answer is patience
I must wait
I must be kind
I must have faith
For nobody knows the day when it will matter
So for now I close my eyes and dream of something beautiful in a hateful world…

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