The steps ahead

Behind me now lies a darkened way filled by memories and many mistakes, I try not to look back but catch myself now and again getting lost in the places where I’ve been. The heart hungers as the mind tucks away every piece that has been lost along the way. Loosing a parent a sibling loosing your son there is no deeper sorrow that can be found until you must lay him in the ground. The years youll never see the man he never got to be along with all the hopes and dreams you dreamed. Robbed stolen his life ripped from this Earth and your left with pain and hurt no mother deserves. How does one mend a broken soul is there healing I don’t know. Now the days are filled with trying to understand how this could be part of the plan 22 years then darkness took him away and left only a heart to break. The stars shine brighter since he left this place I know he’s shining down from heavens grace. I miss him I long for him but to no end I’m still here waiting to see him again the steps behind grow further every day the steps ahead will lead the way. Until I take my final breath I’ll wait here for my death then and there I’ll see his face in heavens beauty I’ll find my place .

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