The blend -A birth to be in mirth!

The journey of life is a beautiful book which starts with the chapter of birth, the moment of the day of the year when we are born. Then after we face the dramatic world outside. Somehow our days just passes, waking up and dancing to the tune of alarm, doing the everyday haggard errands and completing the graveyard shifts, with no time left to pause for a second and peep into our personal lives, thinking about why have we taken birth? I think, we as humans are present on this God’s green earth for two reasons. The reasons are simple, if we understand it then the concept of life is clear. Life is far simpler than we think. After all perspective plays an important role in any of the matter, may it be small drawing or massive life.
We do each and every small, little thing just to meet the levels, or most importantly the whims of the society. But do we share a purpose on personal level? According to me the first reason of our birth is ‘PURPOSE’. We all are alive for a purpose. The purpose could be any like: to become the person you want to become. We become doctors and engineers rather than dancers and singers just because the society wants so. A society whom we hardly know. Other purposes are to be someone’s guardian angel, to help someone, to be someone’s part of life or to make someone your part of life. The purpose could also be ‘to change the world’ or ‘to prove the world’. But ultimately the purpose should be yours and not theirs. The main thing is to understand our own purpose because if there is no personal purpose then there is no meaning of your life.’ You are just surviving in your life if you don’t have a purpose but you are living your life if you have one.’ Also most people commit harakiri because in order to reach the society’s expectations they forget to have a personal purpose and when they realise this, they think its too late with no option left rather than sucide. But it is true ‘Better late then never’ Even if you are old find a purpose, if you are a kid; find a purpose, if you are a young aspirant; find a purpose.
The second reason I think for what we have taken birth is to ‘ENJOY’. Yes! We are born to enjoy. A common question which arises is that How can you enjoy despite of having so many predicaments and tight corners in life? I have a beautiful answer to this. I would like to give a paradigm : Some people are happy even sitting beneath a fan and some are not happy even sitting in an air conditioned room. So here again perspective shows its colours. Actually we can find happiness in each and everything. It is upto us that how to we deal with the impediments and enjoy as they enter and exit. Yes, its one life to enjoy. Make the most of it you can.
Keeping this two reasons in mind, a person can lead his life. Just as there is a purpose being everything, there is a purpose behind our life too. Just as the problem gets solved after knowing the cause, life also gets easier after finding a purpose. Enjoyment can be another name to life if only you allow some words like worries, tension, anger and sadness to exit from it. There is a beautiful blend of purpose and enjoyment. If we make our purpose to enjoy, life can be much interesting.

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