So much this..

Keith Ablow, Keith Ablow

When I was driving down a lonely two-lane road, I saw a diesel truck parked on the side of the
road. The driver was out of the truck and when he saw me he ran into the orchard. Which was
on both sides of the road. The driver was out of the truck and when he saw me he ran into the
orchard. He was holding something when he hurried out of sight. I pulled over and got out to
see if maybe he needed help. I got out and followed him, not knowing what I was going to find.
To my surprise, what I saw on this day I will never witness this again. The man was setting
down, into a small grave he dug. A small rodent, a squirrel that he had hit, he claimed. He then
buried it and asked me if I would say some words for the dead squirrel. Or just join him in
silence. Without any sign of laughter, I was speechless all right. He was sorry and asked God
to forgive him and take the animal to be with God. And to take away guilt and to be with him for
the rest of his travels. As he was saying these words, he had reached out his hands, as to hold
my hands. In that instant I felt an electrical charge throughout my whole body and something
made me squeeze tightly. When I did this he opened his eyes and met mine. My stomach sank
as I felt like I was in an elevator. This was an adrenaline rush so noticeable , that despite the 37
degrees outside,we were both sweating as we were trying to let go of hands. We caught
ourselves in an awkward moment or, situation with a stranger. He was embarrassed, and I was
more than speechless. We were still there and he said, “please forgive me for you stopped
here for a reason and that was to assist me, and I thank you”, he wiggles his way out of my grip.
Although I do not normally pull over to help people usually. My curiosity was driving and made
me stop to be honest. The man wasn’t attractive, but I just had to learn more about him. And I
felt that my life has changed, the moment I met him. Still speechless ,he motioned us, out of the
orchard. I wanted to get in his truck , forget about my car. I was swept off my feet and still
cannot speak! He said, “how did you know I needed help?” Well I needed help because I was
hurt, saddened, about what I did”. My mouth opens and said,” you ran into the orchard when
you saw me so. By then he interrupted, “I never saw you until you walked in there!” That was
when I realized his heart and mind was only on the squirrel. And my heart sank again! He
walked me to my car and that’s when I realized that I better do something fast or he would be
gone. I could not think of any excuses to say to get him to stop. I got in my car, he shut my
door. I turned the key about third of the way and another loud diesel passed by. I secretly put
my car in gear with the key on, but the car was not. He did not notice. I know my car wouldn’t
start if it was in gear. I turned the key and nothing happened. And he said,” pop the hood”, I did.
He he found nothing wrong with the car or battery. It has spark ,and our meeting had exploded.
He offered me a lift and for to call AAA. I accepted the lift .I ended up going with him not
knowing him, where to go, I only focused on him. He happened to noticed this and admired me
for my fearless, mystified personality. He was delighted by my interest in him. It didn’t end
there. I had a boyfriend at the time but was so moved by this man that no one else mattered to
me. To make a long story short ,one day I decided to marry this man. We were married one year
later. I never knew that I too would have a special love for squirrels for the rest of my life.

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