Silver Lining

When I heard about Covid19 on the news,I thought it would never reach my country.Little did I know the whole globe would be affected.
It has brought a lot of fear on humanity and many have died,but I still choose to see the beauty in all this . The world is speaking one voice today and is United,which is how it’s supposed to.The Kardashians are talking about it, Idris Elba is fighting it and the women selling vegetables in the scorching sun in my country are also trying to fight it.

People from different religions are holding on to their faith and praying for help from up above and doctors are doing their best to make sure everybody makes it.

I am a Christian and I believe God will come through for us but i must not forget that there are Muslims who believe Allah will help mankind and still there are others who are optimistic that their ancestors will save the day.At this point ,what everybody believes in matters because we are all fighting for one thing,to see the light of day,to get back to a world where we can freely shake hands with our neighbour and not be afraid to die.

This is stronger than our different beliefs that have seperated us because we all have only one enemy-Corona Virus.That is the devil we need to kick out and our religion is The Human race.

Any belief that means well should be eembraced ,be it belief in oneself ,in nature or in God.

In as much as we believe in our religions ,we must highly appreciate the work our governments are doing, those in the health sector
,the people still working in the supermarkets etc.

I just pray that when all this is over,People will learn to love others for who they are and not judge what they believe in.

Wether ethiest , Buddhist or christian,We live in one world ,Our world .

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