Scary Courage

I was awake with the sound of police siren , it was midnight , i glanced at Mary , she had closed her eyes and had fell asleep ; I am so scared of closed eyes and can not tolerate them ! This fearsome fear began from a month ago , i remembered ، it was night and when i entered into dad’s room he wiped away his tears quickly and asked me to hug him ; Dad smiled at me , his smile was so scary , he was lying to me with his smile , scary lies ! He wanted to show me that nothing had happened ! He did not get fired from his job and We still had enough money ! I knew all of those were lie but i believed them that moment . Dad lay on the bed and i fell asleep next to him , on the bed .
On the morning , when i woke up , saw dad’s closed eyes , whatever i called him he did not open his eyes ! They told us , he had a stroke in the sleep , but i disagreed with them , Those scary lies strangled him on the sleep !
The sound of another police siren came and stopped me thinking about dad . Mary was awake too , she looked nervously with her little eyes at me : ‘ Are scared of police siren too , Jack ? ‘ She asked . Yes , i was scared too ! Dad always liked to have brave children , we were more coward than a cat ! Although , a siren police did not remind something for a cat but reminded me my mom’s terrified face when the police handcuffed her , the police told us , they arrested her for crime of theft but i did not accept this ! Thes handcuffs were her scary lies which mom told us when she came home at late night : ‘ I found a good job ! we were busy until now ! My buss gave me this money to help us ! ‘ She was saying these repeatedly every night .
We had no choice , no food , no money and nobody came for helping ! The home became so scary and forced us to have a scary courage !
I hugged Mary and stroked her short brown hair , she gazed at me and said : ‘ Jack ! Let’s count the cars that pass ! Sleeping in the street is so scary ! ‘

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