President Momoh

President Momoh
By Ms. Mariatu Kargbo, Esq
Today, the smouldering heat in the Republic of Sierra Leone peak at 99 degrees with a hot index considered for the rest of the week. The smouldering, sizzling heat pints on President Momoh as he orchestrated his cabinet members in the capital city Freetown. This mid 1980s and early 1990s president, eagerly awaits news of his presidency from his cabinets. As the heat index, rose this April 21, 1992, he called his cabinet members one by one into an emergency meeting stopping at his Defense Secretary Mahmoud Sillah.
He called all his generals and warned them of impending doom. He called his Secretary of Labor, Allieu Bangura; Secretary of State Alpha Conteh; Secretary of Commerce John Kamara; Secretary of Finance John Dumbuyeh and so on and so forth. With all the secretaries present, the President Momoh faced bank sanctions and money shortages, food shortages, fuel shortages, water shortages, etc. and the President made no short demand, cut no corners and made absolutely no promises. The demands linger longer than the hot, hot weather.
The President summoned his Defense Secretary Sillah to give a round up of events in the steaming heat filled battles in the provinces with state rigour and punishable momentum. The Defense Secretary Sillah full of last sound bites and alarming praises for President Momoh: “The war in the provinces will stop before it makes its way into Freetown City; one by one, we will reign in the tyrants and in full scope one march to victory – we will suppress the insurgencies against you President Momoh,” Defense Secretary Sillah spoke.
Together, we will ask all the people stop provoking, inciting, and mounting race and class wars against us and the Republic of Sierra Leone. Tonight, sighs throughout the State Cabinet room, the President and his cabinet members spoke for the last time as the people of the Republic of Sierra Leone awaits a new day and the dawn of a new presidential beginnings.
Full of surprises, as they must – the military knew of grumbling within its barracks, but no one stopped it. The military rose and stopped all insurgencies remaining, but the war continues with new names for battle with counterinsurgencies — as President Momoh and his royal, loyal regimentary and military were removed from power. One by one the President and his cabinet moved to neighboring Guinea, Africa.
With the emergence of President Valentine Strasser, as President Momoh’s replacement, the newly crowned president vowed to make fuel for vehicles available, built renewable fossil fuel for newer vehicles, and bring affordable education for all.
President Strasser claimed all out insurgencies as the war in the provincials raced for years on out and the vows of victories that would prove an end to the wars in provincials and about.
Tomorrow, the cry for our former President Momoh bellows as the nation bellows for new grains of fruit, new sugar of pint bottles, loins of beef, bags of rice, spices and other life essentials. “All we wait for is stability these years forward; All we wait for is stability of income and of prices for rent, living accommodations, and etc.,” yearned the people of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The President upon hearing the praises of the people, moved all resources to the state instead of no accountability monitoring of private goods.
As the long air awaits, President Momoh no more was he allowed home in the Republic of Sierra Leone. He called the thinly veiled no more as the last relic of Pan Africa; he liked no more saying goodbye to the good old boys of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the good soils, and the last Earth of Pharaohs that ruled the land and ruled us. To us, they were our beloved leaders, to others the end of all familial bedfellows. At the end, no more, no more, with love President Momoh.

The End.

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