A story of a daring 12 year old slave girl who is trying to escape and finds a portal to the future!

By Emily McQuinn
May 31, 2018

The sun shines as my friends and me work in the sugarcane fields along with the the other slave families. The overseer, Mr. Maddie, has his whip in his hand and is watching us like a raven eyeing his pray. Us Greenville folks are well aware of what he can do. I am really serious don’t get on his bad side, I mean it.
I live in Greenville a town in South Carolina a tad bit east of the Savannah River. My name is Laura and I absolutely hate my name for this one and only one reason – because I was named after our owners wife, Mrs. Laura. My mom and dad sadly died in the fire a few years ago caused by our old overseer, Mr. Clove. His name might seem harmless, but he’s truly a nasty ,mean and cold hearted fellow. I had one sister named Betsy, but she was sold to a different owner when she was only three and I was five. My whole life I have been living with my friend Caroline and her family. We are planning to run north the night that the harvest is over when everyone is partying no one will expect a run away on that night.

Laura! Caroline! Come here right here this instant, said our master Mr. Olive impatiently. This can not be good Laura thought. Laura, Caroline he said, I just heard that there is a slave auction and I want you both to be in it. But don’t worry the I will let them know that I am only selling you to together, Mr. Olive said. Caroline and I walked back to the slave shak devastated fighting off the pain in our hearts to tell them the horrible news.

Carline I ask, how are we going to tell your parents about this. To be honest I don’t know how, replies Caroline. Well should we even tell them, I say. I don’t know, I really just don’t know, she says very flustered. I have an idea how about we run away, I say. Maby, says Caroline let me think about it. The next day it is to late, we are on the auction block i’ll do thirty pounds for those two lovely girls, said Mr. Olive. SOLD! Said the loud and booming voice of Mr.Olive We got sold Caroline, said sadly in a depressed voice. Don’t be scared I said doubtfully. In my head all my hope’s suddenly died off.
“He is so nice”, Caroline claimed. ‘He is ok I guess”, I say back. Our new owner Mr. foxter, is so mean and rude to me. however, he treats Caroline like royalty. It is not fair! I wish I were her. Mr.foxter treats me like gum on his shoe. Always complaining, blaming and accusing me of all his problems. However, the cook Mary is like a sister to me and always takes the blame for me whenever I do something wrong.

What In The World
Cook Mary came rushing in, sweat running down her face. “What’s the matter Mary?” I questioned. “Nothing just a little scare” she replied. “Tell me about it, please?” I asked. “I don’t know. I can’t really explain it. It was a big circle and it opened up right in front of me. Something popped out of it, but the time it did i was long gone running for my life!” “ Mary, calm down where did you see it” I said calmly. It was in Mr. Foxter’s maid’s cordoors” Mary said with big eyes!

Where is it?
“Let’s go then” i said.
“No!” screamed Mary
“sorry I am just very freaked out and scared.” she solemnly whispered.
“Then I will do it myself.”
Carefully I walked down the stairs and opened the door to Caroline’s corridor and… BAM! The portal right smack down the middle of her room. She wasn’t kidding! “This must be a dream,” I thought. I quickly pinched myself. “Ow” I yelled quietly.

Then all the sudden POP. a thing flat faced, adorable, cute and cuddly.
“I am going to name you Pug.”
”Do you like pug?”
The pug just sat there looking confused.
“ pug it is then”
“Hi Mary, this is what i found!”

“What is that?” Mary gasped with a face as white as a ghost .

The Talk

“Laura you have a lovely spirit and all, but that can’t stay” explained Mary
“Why?” I asked
Because it doesn’t belong here.

To Be Continued…

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