Heal your mental wounds

In today’s society we’ve begun to accept those with mental health issues and expanded our knowledge in order to help them. I believe that counseling can be one of the best things someone with mental health issues can do for themselves, because it allows them to speak freely and get advice/ acknowledgement on what they’re going through. I’ve been to counseling when I was dealing with severe depression and anxiety during the summer of 2019. I can say that shamelessly because it really helped me deal with the emotions I was feeling. I was very closed off, I never liked expressing my emotions and thought to others because I felt like it was all a burden. But counseling showed me that my emotions, no matter good or bad are only a burden if it is causing me physical and mental pain. Which it was, it’s not a bad thing to acknowledge that you need help. It’s not weak or makes you less just because you have a deep mental wound that you can’t heal yourself. You will save yourself lots of time, pain, and grief if you sit down with someone or even a group of people who can relate to you. Because that’ll become your proper coping mechanism. And you’ll find yourself changing as your facing certain things, talk about things, and gain control over your own life again. Counseling can be such a helpful eye opener to things you’re missing out on, rediscovering things you’ve missed, and discovering things you didn’t know you liked because you are now more open. So please, if you are going through something that is physical and mentally restricting you from living your life and loving it, start counseling. Wether it’s virtual counseling or face to face, you will definitely benefit from it in the long run as long as you do it knowing you need help and are willing to accept it.

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