Always There

As the sunlight trickles through my window blinds,
and the dark of night fades away
A joy never known in my younger years
fills my heart as I kneel to pray.

I honor the Father on bended knee
to give thanks for all that He’s done
For He reached deep into hell and pulled me out
and reintroduced me to His beloved son.
I remembered Him from childhood
and I recalled every word He had said
“How darkness would find me and fill my life,”
but that He would wipe every year I would shed.
The darkness took hold and the pain was far too much
for a child so young to bear
I was so lost in fear I no longer heard
So I thought He no longer cared
I became a shadow of who I was to be
days of sunlight seldom came
cocaine heroin and a needle now filled my life
along with the guilt and shame
Sometimes in a drugged haze I would scream for Him
“You said you would stay with me through the dark”
I felt like He had left me alone with the devil
the needle tracks on my arms showed his mark
Death came for me many times through the years
I thought it was me that cheated death
Never once did I give credit to the gentle voice waking me
with the gift of life on His breath
The last time I danced with death too high to stand
I knew in Death’s arms I would stay
But that gentle voice whispered “I’ve always been there”
“Come with Me and I will show you the way”
Fifty-four years ago in my Aunt’s garden my journey with Him began
my so-called imaginary friend with the gentle smile
Though I would stay from the path and get lost on the way
He stayed right with me as I walked every mile
My journey isn’t over not till I draw my last breath
it began again at the fork in the road
God gave free will the decision mine which road I will take
and how and what kind of life will unfold
The darkness is close always trying to pluck me from His hand
back to a life far worse than death
A beautiful life is mine if I follow His ways
one worth fighting for till I draw my last breath

Life inspired by Christ Jesus
Written by Janice Dycke Mellish

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