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Abortions; Are Right (s) or Wrong(s)?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,the CDC defines a legal induced abortion as an intervention performed by a licensed clinician within the limits of state regulations that is intended to terminate a suspected or ongoing intrauterine pregnancy and that does not result in live birth (CDC). Fourty to Fifty million abortions are performed both legal and ilegally world-wide each year, this calculates to a total of 125,000 abortions a day in the US. alone (CDC). Although in the past several years there has been a lot on controversy on whether or not all abortions should be made illegal or if all women should have the right to terminate their preganacy. The right to terminate a pregnancy should be available to all women no matter the age, race, religion, and no matter what circumstances they are under, yet in the past years many states have been fighting to make it illegal for all women to terminate a pregnancy.
The argument between people who are “Pro-Life” (those against abortions) and “Pro-Choice” (those who support a woman’s right to choose, even if they would not have an abortions themselves) has been going on for more than five decades. Although,In 1973, The US. Supreme Court declared abortion to be a “fundamental right” after the case of Roe v Wade (Higgins) which is the case of Jane Roe (court given name for privacy reasons), a young lady who challegned Texas law that criminalized abortion unless it was performed by a doctor’s order to save a woman’s life (Higgins). The lawsuit was filed against Henry Wade, district attorney of Dallas County, Texas.Roe’s attorney claimed that the state law was unconstitutional and went against her right to privacy and that the Texas law went against some of the most important amendments such as the 1st one which deals with freedom of religion and speech. According to Melissa Higgins author of the award selling book “Roe V. Wade: Abortion and Woman’s Rights to Privacy”, “the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects against state action the right to) privacy”.Therefore, by prohibiting a woman from having an abortion, Doctors are disobeying amendments that our founding fathers gave to us huundreds of years ago. With that being said, What kind of mothering does one expect from women that gave birth only because they were denied access to abortions? How does it feel being a child having a child? How should any woman feel carrying around an offspring of a man who took advantage of her? How should one feel about bringing a child into the world knowing she isn’t financially stable to take care of the child? These are all questions that should be taken into consideration when you are making decisions about whether to be a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice advocate.
Pro life advocates would say that someone shouldn’t have sex or unprotected sex if they aren’t ready for a child, and even though there is some right in that once again how does one tell a woman who was just sexually assualted and raped that she now how to carry her rapist baby because she “Had sex”.Those who believe in Pro-Life don’t think about the long-term consequences of making such a huge choice in a woman’s life and then the life of the child who is being born into a world where they weren’t wantedA Prolifer might also give an argument that women who have abortiona are murders but according to Pro #3, “Personhood begins after a fetus becomes “Viable” (able to survive outside the womb) or after birth not at conception.In 1 Corinthians 6:19, it states that your body is a temple, telling a woman how to act and build her temple goes against more than her rights but also one’s beliefs, and even those who don’t believe in the bible should feel the same way about themselves No woman on this earth should be forced or pressured to keep a child and shouldn’t be denied access to the medical help that she seeks.
Overall, it may be said that both sides of this feuding topic can be argued but with all the facts being considered it should still be believed the woman should always have an option on what to do with their own body.A woman shouldn’t have to be without the satisfaction of having sex just because many people in this world see this as a irresponsible thing because she has a chance of getting pregnant. A woman shouldn’t have to carry her rapist child because she was denied the right to terminate her pregnancy.A woman should have the choice to spend or not to spend the next 9 months carrying a baby then an additional 18 years taking care of that child ( sometimes even by herself, without the child’s father). A woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy no matter the circumstances she is under.

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