Between Religion And Spirituality

Whatever religion one belongs to, it is important to note that religion is a matter of culture or a way of life. In an era in which science and computer are the powerful tools that give life a firm foundation, I just simply can not discount religion.

It is noteworthy that an oath taking uses the phrase “So help me God” at the end of an oath. The importance of using this phrase in most jurisdictions helps in the understanding of the seriousness of the oath, as well as its religious character. And it is interesting to know that this is how the Americans have lived for over two centuries now. Coming from a religious country and being a first generation American, this thought has strengthened my faith. And this faith would carry me through the years just as the Americans who had lived before me relied on God when they took an oath.

A friend once asked me, “What keeps you strong?” I thought it was a question that deserved a straightforward answer. Immediately I said, “My faith.” When I said that, I meant God. In the course of our conversation, I felt I was successful in making my friend understand that my religion defined me. It made me land on American soil. Without it, I would not have the courage to enter a foreign land and eventually make it my own. It was not easy. But a country as diverse and mighty as ours, and undeniably one that had watched others’ backs was surely watched by a divine power. I became more aware of God’s will as I embraced this idea.

It will certainly entice one to know that my understanding of religion is not about rigidity. I have learned through the years that people may be different from one another but can live in harmony as they please. Spirituality requires a person to learn about the different elements that make humans as they are in order to be at peace with everyone around them. We do not expect someone to impose a religion on others. That is the beauty of the United States of America. It is only fair to show dignity and respect to others. This ideology should be enough to create a peaceful society since we know for a fact that we cannot make every human being on earth agree on just one religion.

When I had the opportunity to pass through Capital cities, I could not help but notice steeples, and wondered what these stood for many people aside from being a downtown attraction. Now as I think, it makes me feel good that though there are several denominations, certain groups of people share a common core that characterizes their faith. But what about those with a totally different perspective? I can only be certain that the origin and nature of beliefs deserve a look. These are like parts of history that when dug up may bridge the gaps among us and give clarifications to existing points of view.

The freedom to practice a religion deserves understanding rather than disgust. And if our religion teaches us to do no harm, then it is only proper to have a full understanding of what spirituality is about. We can never say that our religion is good if it causes someone to grieve and suffer. Bearing this in mind, I find delight in seeing myself between religion and spirituality. This is something to reflect on. I know my faith like I know myself. In this regard, I can never be misled. I do not find it inappropriate to practice spirituality within the realm of my religious beliefs. That is the bottom line, and I encourage everyone to have an open mind.

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