A short test

A short test of faith has gone on for over 11 years now it seems like not long ago I was thinking I need to change my thinking to change my surroundings what I thought was going to be hard is extremely hard but fun test of good and evil is constant with people places and actions my brain is constantly trying to think positive with no bad words Ned Flanders like it helps and The re are real demons that have recently popped up because of the current situation of aggression In my environment.or rather the surrounding environment I will be reprimanded by evil if I stray off and have in healthy thinking.it does help spiritual to me means loving god and trying and doing his will with a positive outlook ,god you are in control and if I am here you know about it and the re is an assignment it is hard to hold my tongue at times it is true evil demons will repeat everything I think or say that’s what they do the father forgives and I can move on evil wants to hear or say it over and over again hoping I will think have been forgiving for this?ha its true though doubt is what evil craves.religion is being a believer of god and Jesus and knowing Jesus rose from the dead.thanks for allowing me to share a bit of a bit of a short time of being a believer in Christ I’m wanting to obey because this is my soul who I am no room for fake not really who I am cherry it feels better too. CHRIST IS THE LORD AND SAVIOR

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