story of your life

All your days have been spent.
Your Life is a novel where your story lays,
an account of all your hours and days.
a list of all your decisions and where you went?

Your character and qualities are there.
How you decided to live your life,
how you delt with your strife.
did you Love others did you even care?

Will reading your book bring you shame?
Did you wish you could re-write some parts,
maybe go back and mend some hearts?
It was all your accord, stop with the blame.

What is the title of your book?
The one full of pride?
Or the lustful bride?
Maybe the girl who only took?

Will anger flood your pages?
Is chapter after chapter hate,
will you not possess a positive trait.
Will animosity reek the ages?

Every day your life is vital,
for that’s what is creating your title.

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