My religion.

My religion? You ask .I am a Christian I love god as the father, son and, holy spirit. I believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again. He is coming back and I my friend will be ready to go with him. For after the rapture there will be tourment, and, trial, disgrace for every one who did not believe. Do not fear for you do not have to be that person. God love us so much much he gave his only son for us. We are sinners, we have sinned, most would turn there back and never give us another chance, but God has been there always looking out. Though sometimes times get hard it is just to test your faith, sometimes things happen we don’t understand, but we were not made to know everything for God knows everything. All you do is ask his forgiveness, let him come into your heart, and turn your life around. You are a great person hidding inside let that person come out and be you. The Christian you. God has made every one equal, he has made everyone beautiful, he loves one no more than the other, he loves you. Christianity can be pretty confusing sometimes and crystal clear the other, but it can always be in you if you let it. Going to church is a great place to start, read the bible let it be your guide, pray for anything and everything find a good friend to do this with you. You will make a great Christian. I am a small town Christian who love Jesus always have and always will. Join me on my walk through faith. You are great!

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