By Jessica Roman
Empower each other, love one another
Some may require more than others, still stuck in your stubborn ways, always questioning your faith.
I am here to tell you today; you don’t have to feel that way!
Jesus already took up your cross, you don’t have to feel lost.
He is the best guider and provider, and he is never a liar.
His word always remains true, just read the bible to find the clues.
Don’t dare listen to the enemy, don’t give him no victory.
When you come to Jesus your made new, he wants to build a relationship with you
Will you accept him to day, what do you have to lose.
He will Guide you as long as you abide by him.
Follow in his ways, He will make all your blues go away.
Accept him as your personal lord and savior today
He will change your heart and rip the ugly broken parts
You will never have to feel broken again. ’’So, if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed! Says Mark 10:45

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