Careful Not to Love Her / By Jamie Rebecca Mason

Keith Ablow, Keith Ablow

Careful Not to Love Her

She is a stinging rainbow-colored crystal that barely touches your skin.
Your favorite scent of amber-woods or the taste of a smooth shot of vintage gin.
Waking up next to her with a sense of belonging, will only tease you later.
Be careful not to love her or you won’t get the chance to see her once more.
Her painless kisses will heal you; like a recognized hazard.
A sharp pain in your side and a clench of the fist; You’ll learn the discomfort of refraining.
Always make sure she knows who she is; snide comments with abominable intentions.
Hell has no need of her kindness and Heaven isn’t real on earth.
No need or desire is brimming; she is a mystical fairy of wishes.
Push and pull the strings of love, one more day.
Tomorrow you’ll miss her and remember her generous efforts.
It will be clear you’re the only one who gets her.
Breaking hearts pour tears of indignation,
if you see her lips betray you; she kisses another.
Romance and fiery loyalty, surround you today.
Without her your dammed; thrusted into the selfishness of this world.
All peculiars have showed her how to walk on the air.
If you’re careful not to love her; you’re the love that remains, in her despair.

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