Do What You Will With This

-I’d like to be a better person in a way that makes me solid instead of complete. There will always be an empty part of me, I expect there is nothing able to fill the hole. If I can, I’ll try, to enlighten myself. My mind has been at war too long, I sometimes forget the smell of Spring. I must become stronger to prepare my body for future battle. I can hear the march of bones rattling, distant as it may; I can smell the blood, I can feel the stain; I am not yet finished. If I am built to stand among the gods some day, I must broaden my wits. I have learned to fear no future, but I am almost never prepared for the consequence. This is the year of waiting, still motion flickering, voices in the storm; and I am here to see, I am here to open gates. This year is the year I become.

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