Life can be great.

Sometimes life gets hard. You start to stess out. Mabey it is finances, marriage, there is so many different things it could be you might not even know what it is, but that is ok because you can have counseling. Counsleing can stop so many bad things from happening such as divorces, suercidle thoughts, loosening money, and so much more. If you are having trouble with your life find a counsellor it is worth the money.


Police are here to protect you. So many officers are being killed in the line of duty to save some ones life. Officers are here to make the world better. Respect them, don’t try to hide, show them you support them. You are speeding? Just pay the fine. Our world is a dangerous place, you can do something about that if you support your officials of every level. Officers are great people trying to make the world safer and batter place for you.

My religion.

My religion? You ask .I am a Christian I love god as the father, son and, holy spirit. I believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again. He is coming back and I my friend will be ready to go with him. For after the rapture there will be tourment, and, trial, disgrace for every one who did not believe. Do not fear for you do not have to be that person. God love us so much much he gave his only son for us. We are sinners, we have sinned, most would turn there back and never give us another chance, but God has been there always looking out. Though sometimes times get hard it is just to test your faith, sometimes things happen we don’t understand, but we were not made to know everything for God knows everything. All you do is ask his forgiveness, let him come into your heart, and turn your life around. You are a great person hidding inside let that person come out and be you. The Christian you. God has made every one equal, he has made everyone beautiful, he loves one no more than the other, he loves you. Christianity can be pretty confusing sometimes and crystal clear the other, but it can always be in you if you let it. Going to church is a great place to start, read the bible let it be your guide, pray for anything and everything find a good friend to do this with you. You will make a great Christian. I am a small town Christian who love Jesus always have and always will. Join me on my walk through faith. You are great!

story of your life

All your days have been spent.
Your Life is a novel where your story lays,
an account of all your hours and days.
a list of all your decisions and where you went?

Your character and qualities are there.
How you decided to live your life,
how you delt with your strife.
did you Love others did you even care?

Will reading your book bring you shame?
Did you wish you could re-write some parts,
maybe go back and mend some hearts?
It was all your accord, stop with the blame.

What is the title of your book?
The one full of pride?
Or the lustful bride?
Maybe the girl who only took?

Will anger flood your pages?
Is chapter after chapter hate,
will you not possess a positive trait.
Will animosity reek the ages?

Every day your life is vital,
for that’s what is creating your title.

Helen Of Mars (short-story)

The date is 28th October, the year 3019. It was on this day 11 year’s back that the story’s protagonist Helen was adopted by a couple – Lucas and Hector. For this special day the couple were going to The Earth Museum located in Ashlew City on the planet Mars. (oh, didn’t I tell you?) The Earth is now just a barren land. Humans shifted to Mars when Space Agencies confirmed the presence of water on the red planet. The Earth Museum is a place where the youth could learn more about their historical cultural identity from Earth. “There were many amazing places on Earth. Who knows maybe we will be able to show you one day?Tell me Helen which zone do you want to visit first? “aaked Hector.”Forests!” replied Helen. “the Forests were home to more than half of the planet’s Flora and fauna. Trees cleaned the air and released oxygen for all of us to breathe. There was no need to wear these body suits on Earth like we do here. And we wouldn’t have had to wear these if we had been more cautious. Humans would cut these life-giving trees relentlessly to fulfill their own greed. Look where it led us to! Anyway,Helen race me to the Ocean Zone.If you win I will buy you a small bottle of mineral bottle from the restaurant that you like so much! “said Lucas. Helen and Lucas started running although the former couldn’t win. “Helen, the ocean’s were home to millions of marine animals.Do you remember what animals are? “asked Hector. ” Animals were the species who lived on Earth along with humans. I remember reading about them in history class! “replied Helen. Both Lucas and Hector were very happy to hear their daughter know so much about animals. ” You know Helen you could have gotten to see some of those animals if it hadn’t been for selfish humans who polluted the water bodies.oh! How I miss The dolphins,the Whales, The Seals all of them.Do you remember Hector our first meeting? ” asked Lucas. Hector replied immediately ” I cannot forget that day! We had met at a zoo. It was while watching the Dolphin Show that we sat together when you spilt that ice cream on me and took me out to dinner to apologize. It was the same place where you proposed for marriage three years later. Oh I can never forget that day!” Lucas added” I can still hear what the others people at the restaurant told us. How they criticised us and tried to humiliate us for being homosexuals.”Helen immediately enquired ” Wait a minute you are telling me you weren’t accepted because of your sexuality? But that’s horrible. You know what, I have realised what was wrong with the peolpe of Earth. There was lack of awareness. If it wasn’t so then I would have also gotten to see dolphins and the rainbow. I promise that from now on I am going to work to spread awareness for the difficulties we all can face if this selfishness goes on. My mission starts Now.” Lucas and Hector had tears on the eyes mesmerized by the words their daughter just uttered. They were equally inspired to work towards awareness for problems like climate change.So dear reader I hope you are inspired to do the same.


By Jessica Roman
Empower each other, love one another
Some may require more than others, still stuck in your stubborn ways, always questioning your faith.
I am here to tell you today; you don’t have to feel that way!
Jesus already took up your cross, you don’t have to feel lost.
He is the best guider and provider, and he is never a liar.
His word always remains true, just read the bible to find the clues.
Don’t dare listen to the enemy, don’t give him no victory.
When you come to Jesus your made new, he wants to build a relationship with you
Will you accept him to day, what do you have to lose.
He will Guide you as long as you abide by him.
Follow in his ways, He will make all your blues go away.
Accept him as your personal lord and savior today
He will change your heart and rip the ugly broken parts
You will never have to feel broken again. ’’So, if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed! Says Mark 10:45

Careful Not to Love Her / By Jamie Rebecca Mason

Careful Not to Love Her

She is a stinging rainbow-colored crystal that barely touches your skin.
Your favorite scent of amber-woods or the taste of a smooth shot of vintage gin.
Waking up next to her with a sense of belonging, will only tease you later.
Be careful not to love her or you won’t get the chance to see her once more.
Her painless kisses will heal you; like a recognized hazard.
A sharp pain in your side and a clench of the fist; You’ll learn the discomfort of refraining.
Always make sure she knows who she is; snide comments with abominable intentions.
Hell has no need of her kindness and Heaven isn’t real on earth.
No need or desire is brimming; she is a mystical fairy of wishes.
Push and pull the strings of love, one more day.
Tomorrow you’ll miss her and remember her generous efforts.
It will be clear you’re the only one who gets her.
Breaking hearts pour tears of indignation,
if you see her lips betray you; she kisses another.
Romance and fiery loyalty, surround you today.
Without her your dammed; thrusted into the selfishness of this world.
All peculiars have showed her how to walk on the air.
If you’re careful not to love her; you’re the love that remains, in her despair.

The benefits of counseling and life coaching

The counseling and coaching will always improve the communication and interpersonal skills. The coaching and mentoring will bring greater self-acceptance and self-esteem. The ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits always comes with counseling and coaching. The coaching will provide better expression and management of emotions, including anger.
The relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions is only best possible if you are being counseled in a positive way. Finally, the counseling and coaching will increase the confidence and decision-making skills.
A greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others is also a result of proper counseling and coaching. Mostly the students who are not given the proper guidance are the victims of the loneliness. If they are properly counseled, they can be turned in to very good citizens.

Do What You Will With This

-I’d like to be a better person in a way that makes me solid instead of complete. There will always be an empty part of me, I expect there is nothing able to fill the hole. If I can, I’ll try, to enlighten myself. My mind has been at war too long, I sometimes forget the smell of Spring. I must become stronger to prepare my body for future battle. I can hear the march of bones rattling, distant as it may; I can smell the blood, I can feel the stain; I am not yet finished. If I am built to stand among the gods some day, I must broaden my wits. I have learned to fear no future, but I am almost never prepared for the consequence. This is the year of waiting, still motion flickering, voices in the storm; and I am here to see, I am here to open gates. This year is the year I become.