Keith Ablow, Keith Ablow

Austin was facing divorce but was not giving up hope.Walking up streets Thinking what he was going to do.He sold houses for a living .He was walking to Maryland’s house (his religious sister) and he was gonna sell it.When He walked in his sisters house she showed him her favorite room or should I say dresser.At first he was quite confused then he seen all the prayers on the wall of the wardrobe and he knew how he was going to save himself from divorce.At home he cleared out his closet and every day he prayed and studied the Bible .After a month prayers were flooding the walls.His wife Joann was suspicious of his kindness and adventured into his closet in the middle of his prayer and soon after she heard him and read the right side she started to bawl.She apologized and Austin accepted it. There divorce was saved and they had two beautiful girls and one handsome boy.The names were Susan,Mabel,And Josh.That is The story of the war-drobe

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