Life is sweet, just like you.

“Okay, so what’s your favorite movie, or book?” Rita asked while pouring me a cup of latte.
“Harry Potter, anytime.” I grinned. I loved the Harry Potter series because it’s fiction, where I could escape to, whenever reality was hard.
“Hmmm, well I’m not exactly a potterhead, but I love one quote by Dumbledore: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” The way she said the quote instantly warmed my heart.
“Similarly, Rhea, after you fight with your parents, don’t turn the lights off in your bedroom and push your parents away. From now on, turn the lights on, look at yourself in the mirror, and I’m certain you’ll realize that life is sweet, just like you.” She smiled beautifully and, suddenly, I felt like crying. Crying out of guilt.
I was many of Rita’s clients, and maybe she’s forgotten me by now. But to me, she was the first and last counseller who showed me how sunny life can be, just by smiling and sharing her wisdom with me.

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