Keith Ablow, Keith Ablow

The struggles of the trials and tribulations among our daily lives;is based on overcoming the struggles within itself.Believing in God;our Father;Himself;among all.Building the relationship between our faith and our love within our strengths upon our Minds,Hearts,Body, and our Souls(Spirit within us)..
Living daily among his word and choosing to follow his path;chosen for us.Our paths and lives is already written out for us.Its just our choice to follow our Destiny’s.Its not a easy road to follow;we going to make mistakes along the way.We have the choice to continue to make the same choices and continueing making mistakes worse.
We have the choice to also follow our instints within us and choose to mae the decision to live for ourselves;through God.To allow and accept the things;we would never allow and accept before.We can do things and become greater in life;as long as we have faith and become greater through God..
We all have a connection through him and a bond;among no other.Within his spirit that lives through us.His love and his determination to help us and protect us;No matter what.We all can overcome the struggles and provide the help for others as well..The chosen ones of God and his Fallen ANGELS of all..

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