I was always told police are supposed to protect us and help us when a problem arises. Today it is quite different,most police officers just pull people over for no reason just to mess with them . A lot targets are Hispanics and African Americans and I feel that it unacceptable. How could you go to sleep at night beating on blacks and Hispanics. Let’s talk about crimes, for an example .
If a white man rapes a girl he gets probation or 6 months in jail. Why is it if it was a Hispanic or an African American they would get life . To many officers getting away with the brutality no one is coming to reality. We have such cowardly enforcement so called protecting us . All i see a a corrupt system hurting our people . I thank the police offers who really do help and protect us , I do not thank those who hurt our people for no reason

Jessica Roman

A therapist and counselor nightmare.. Screenplay

Screenplay page 1

A therapist and counselor nightmare

My name is Richard Brooks and I have recently graduated from college from becoming a certified therapist in the counselor from the University of North Carolina. All my life I wanted to help people, Comfort people and give them the joy of living.

So before I went to school I used to council neighborhood friends and family with their problems, more on marriages, life changing events, and any Affairs that’s dealing with the heart.

Drug and alcohol abuse, and how to rid your life from a toxic or dysfunctional relationship. Sex, Romance and A Love Affair that shouldn’t happen and a love affair that should have happened. So I’m a pretty well before I came certified so the joy of going to school for that was extraordinary.
As the story continues, I got involved with this beautiful woman almost my last semester and believe me she was absolutely beautiful one of the most beautiful chocolate woman you would have ever meet.

2 years later
I have know got my own practice and it’s called mr. Brooks consultant agency. Home base is in Rocky Mount North Carolina oh, but I do most of my travels because I deal with clients out of state and contracts. I am classified as a traveling therapist and counselor concierge. I love that title it excites me every time I say it. One day as I was on my way home from a long day at the office and I got a phone call.

Hello mr. Brooks my name is Tisha you remember me from college. I said yes Miss Tisha I do remember you how are you doing it’s been almost two years since I seen or heard from you. She lies just say yes it has been a minute, its good to hear from you. I say yes it is very good to hear from you as well, how have you been. She said im good I now live in Atlanta Georgia and I have a little girl. I said wow graduations I know you are a wonderful mother, so how may I help you. She replies” well mr. Brooks I have a client to recommend that I find him the best therapist counselor on the planet and I knew that you was one of the best in school. So I look you up I found you on your website so here I am.

I am her divorce attorney and I felt that you could assist me in making sure things go well do this process, and I reply oh you are an attorney now so you stayed with your career. Yes and I’m very successful, I said congratulations. So she started to explain your situation and as I listened I see a change in her facial expression.

Screenplay page 2

A therapist and counselor nightmare

She is in the process of divorcing a made man, if you know what I mean. I say yes I understand the term made man. She said good well he just put her through so much in there marriage and left her all almost ready to kill herself. She is suffering from trauma and mental abuse let alone the physical abuse definitely was the reason she is ready to move on.

She asked me what do you feel about traveling, I said I’m very fine with traveling. She said how do you feel about traveling to Canada oh, I took a deep breath and said wow I never traveled that far before but if the money is good I’m willing. She said of course it’s a contract, however long the divorce takes is how long we have to stay. She said the contract is $30,000 up front, and $30,000 every six months. This should take only a year. So if you do your math and what year you should make $90,000. Without hesitation the biggest smile ever I said when can we leave, she laughs and she said in three days. She asked can you leave in three days I’ll say yes with the $30,000 we’re getting out front I can pay all my bills up for a year, she said good. we exchange numbers and she told me I will see you in 3 days.

Screenplay 3

All I can think about is this is the chance for me to express to tish how much I was in love with her, and how much I wanted her to be my woman. Suddenly I jump into the shower mind filled with wonderful ideas on starting a new life not knowing if she was married or seeing anyone, all I knew is that I wanted all that chocolate to myself. Started thinking back when we was in college how I used to daydream at her Beauty, but they I remember that I had a client that I must tell her I must cancel our appointment. I went to sleep debating on what should I tell my client to get her to understand that I would not be able to make it to that appointment. So fast asleep I go with the only thing on my mind is $30,000. I have a dream about all the things I will be able to get accomplish before I embark on this journey with this mystery woman that suddenly appeared in my life. Woke up the next day,  ready to face the world with no regrets and what i have became with no worries about where my life is going. I started packing my bags thinking about what I was going to wear when me and Tish finally meet at the airport. I wanted to impress her to show her that I am the man of her dreams even though her dreams Maybe shy and slim to none. Then I remember that I have to call my client to let her know that I will not be able to make it and she will have to find another therapist/ counselor. Sad I called her worried about what she would say so, I started to speak, hello this is mr. Brooks … unfortunately I will not be able to make that appointment because something very important came up and I have to go out of the country for almost a year. With a unexpected tone she saying that’s okay mister Brooks what you have done for me so far as gave me the strength to carry on even if you are not here. In my mind I said wow and I spoke thank you. As I hung up surprised about how she took it in reality she made me feel very good about my service to her…

Screenplay 4

Suddenly my phone ring oh, and as I looked at it it was Tish I was truly excited. Almost couldn’t catch my breath wondering what could be wrong or what she was in need of. In my mind I was hoping she was asking me to come to her so we can make passionate love, but reality set in and I answer hello this is mr. Brooks how may I help you, pretending that I not have already plug her number in my phone Tish my chocolate candy. She said hello mister Brooks this is Tish I said hello Trish, I help you she said Mr Brooks I need you to pack your bags we’re leaving in 4 hours. Shop that she was said that all I can do is supply okay I’ll be ready, all I have time to do is get all my information that I needed to pay all my bills for a year pet some of my finest clothes that I knew would impress her. 3 hours later she pull up at my house luckily I was a thorough Packer and I was already ready to go 2 hours. What I said to her I thought you said four hours she says something came up to where we have to leave immediately, without questioning her attention all I said I’m ready let’s go. We arrive at the airport, Riley first class the whole way. And she sit beside me my daydreaming of her Begin Again and all I can think about is a big house children. In a wealthy lifestyle that will suffice and satisfied anyone woman. She leaned over to me suddenly said that is something I need to tell you this very important come all I can think about it but she is about to confess your love to me. But she said I’m going to wait to get it to counter and get into our hotel. But there was a look on her face that was very uncomfortable as if she was scared or afraid of what it was about to get into or arrived. By this time I’m starting to be worried because as we depart from the airplane she grabbed my hand tighten looked at me and said this will have been the last time i may see her.

Screenplay 5

As we got to the hotel mind you it is one of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen in my life, all I can do is say was wow this scenery is absolutely beautiful. As we headed to the hotel i started to unpack, quickly she said this is not our destination. 5 minutes later I asked what are we going to eat cuz I was definitely hungry As soon as those words came out of her mouth her telephone ring and all I heard was I’m outside. She said Mr Brooks you must go now, I said thought I would have time to relax after that long flight, she said where we are going you will have all the time to rest and relax before we meet our client. With no hesitation I agree and we left that beautiful hotel with ease. After about an hour drive, We arrived in what seems like the country side of Canada. we pulled up to this beautiful neighborhood and these beautiful houses. We pull up to this particular house that’s read 727 Journey Road Road, As we pull up she quickly said mr. Brooks here is your key. this is your house with a surprised look I said you got to be kidding me, she said no sir we came to far to be playing around with each other. She said get comfortable relax set up your office that’s inside and I will call you in a day or two so that we travel to meet my client.

Evil one’s

Stumbling down the path that many have forgot
From Hell and back, they rot eternally
The almighty forces of evil and darkness
Lost souls that hide in the gloomy skies
Their hearts seep out grains of sand that contain a vile passion
None can kill those who were born dead
Living in a place where daylight isn’t present
Birthed from Hell and brought down to a place where the dead lives on
Twisted minds of those who portray pure evil
Down to the bone and raised to the flames of Satan

Fallen Soldier

The red, white, and blue will wave
on every fallen soldiers grave
the blood of our brothers will forever stain
the ground on which they were slain
their children will never know
that they play in a war zone
their wives already know
that they will never make it home
their mothers will start to cry
then their fathers will take a drive
their comrades will take a knee
to remember the soldiers
that lie beneath the leaves


Austin was facing divorce but was not giving up hope.Walking up streets Thinking what he was going to do.He sold houses for a living .He was walking to Maryland’s house (his religious sister) and he was gonna sell it.When He walked in his sisters house she showed him her favorite room or should I say dresser.At first he was quite confused then he seen all the prayers on the wall of the wardrobe and he knew how he was going to save himself from divorce.At home he cleared out his closet and every day he prayed and studied the Bible .After a month prayers were flooding the walls.His wife Joann was suspicious of his kindness and adventured into his closet in the middle of his prayer and soon after she heard him and read the right side she started to bawl.She apologized and Austin accepted it. There divorce was saved and they had two beautiful girls and one handsome boy.The names were Susan,Mabel,And Josh.That is The story of the war-drobe

Fighting Together…Living Alone!

Going out to battle,
Images of death I see.
Oh, when will this fighting end-
To go home and actually be free!
This thought is on my mind
With each moment that passes by
Am I fighting together, but living alone?

Each day I rise to anticipate my date
Will I go home or must I wait?
No more waiting!-
My fighting is done
I say to myself.
When truly it’s just begun.
So support each soldier
Remember they gave
So you could have
The comforts you crave!
They fight together, but live alone!!!

Life is sweet, just like you.

“Okay, so what’s your favorite movie, or book?” Rita asked while pouring me a cup of latte.
“Harry Potter, anytime.” I grinned. I loved the Harry Potter series because it’s fiction, where I could escape to, whenever reality was hard.
“Hmmm, well I’m not exactly a potterhead, but I love one quote by Dumbledore: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” The way she said the quote instantly warmed my heart.
“Similarly, Rhea, after you fight with your parents, don’t turn the lights off in your bedroom and push your parents away. From now on, turn the lights on, look at yourself in the mirror, and I’m certain you’ll realize that life is sweet, just like you.” She smiled beautifully and, suddenly, I felt like crying. Crying out of guilt.
I was many of Rita’s clients, and maybe she’s forgotten me by now. But to me, she was the first and last counseller who showed me how sunny life can be, just by smiling and sharing her wisdom with me.