You created a vessel in me

You created me into a vessel
By Alaina Duvall

I didn’t grow up
In a church
But you saw something
In me, you could use.

You’ve seen my struggles
You have seen my pain
But through out that,
You have built my strength.

You’ve given me
Your greatest gift,
That gift was
Your type of love.

I wake up everyday
To serve you,
And to spread your love
You have created a vessel in me.

I go to church
Every Sunday to sing
In your choir
To glorify your kingdom.

I am back
To my happy self,
Because I am in your presence
In your home!

When the devil
Knocked me down,
You picked me up
And made me into a warrior!

Now I am going to
Fight for your kingdom, Lord
Because you deserve it
And I am going to live for you
Because you have died for me!

You didn’t just create me
To be a vessel, you created everyone
To be a vessel!

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