Our lives through religion.

It seems like we have all got it figured out in life. But that’s not the case. See, we need a higher power too rely on and somebody to love us for who we really are. People cannot love us for who we really are; only God can. God is the center of every single relationship, every life given, and every soul created. But it seems like we forget who is in-control sometimes. Some people ask,” what if there is no God?”
I answer, “well what if there is a God and your faith is just not standing it’s ground.”
Sometimes we just have to stand our ground with God, knowing that he is in-control. Sometimes Satan gets in the way of getting a better relationship with God. But we ALL have a choice to learn to walk away from the bad and/or accept the good. My life has changed because I accepted Christ as my savior. In life we often get caught up in the “what ifs,”instead of the “what can I do too change this or myself?”
I’ve learned to lean on the Lord because we ALL are imperfect. I am a mess, but im God’s beautiful mess. I am a living miracle. It’s not to late too learn to forgive each other, pray for each other, and accept the Lord as your savior!! Amen!!
I hope this changes lives and minds about the Lord and his disciples. Thank you!!

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