Feeling so alone, tired and confused. Not knowing where to turn not knowing what to do. It’s like a tug of war with every passing day. I cry out Lord change me as I bow my head and pray. I know you have a plan for me even though my own eyes can’t see. I ask myself why oh Lord would you ever choose me. After all the the lies, and pain to the ones I love the most. But still your love and grace they carry me through the power of the Holy Ghost. God I want to make a difference be the change I want to see. But the hardest thing to grasp is the change it starts with me. Can I love and forgive myself after all the things I have done. Will I surrender it all to you Lord or will I hide away and run. I so bad to be who you have called for me to be. Please come and break these chains that are holding me. Help me turn my eyes to freedom you gave to me when you died on the cross. Help me shine the light of jesus and reach out to the lost. Help me build your kingdom. Yours is the victory.

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