Acid attack

This day for her was most awaited,
Feb 29,the day was dated.
The day was not as routine,
The day when she has turned 18.

How happy was she,
Was seen from her smile.
She was so restless,
That she couldn’t stop for a while.

She dressed,
Just as a beautiful doll.
Let’s party!
To her friends she called.

Her mother hugged her and said,
“Take care”
Her eyes were sobbed
Mysteriously which was rare.

7’o’clock with her friends along
But I don’t know why?
The vibes felt so wrong.

The sparkling light,
The glowing city
Felt to her,
Really pretty.

Two bikers,
To her eyes flashed
And a bottle of acid
To her face was splashed.

I don’t know when did the table turned,
Her most beautiful day
To ashes was burned.

The acid just didn’t torn her skin
But it also injured her heart within.

Even her soul can spell her pain,
Her melted eyes couldn’t even rain.

The day to her was most hated,
Feb 29, the day was dated.

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